The Quebec Veterans Foundation’s mission is to assist veterans who are having trouble transitioning to civilian life and contribute to the well-being of veterans at Ste. Anne’s Hospital.

The Barry F. Lorenzetti Foundation supports their music therapy program, in which credentialed professionals use music purposefully, within therapeutic relationships, to support development, health and well-being.

The Foundation also supports their “Faces of Honor” exhibition, which is a moving and important commemorative event for many. For this event, approximately 60 Veterans are approached to participate as subjects of an exposition that honors their service and experiences in the Canadian Military. The resulting photos are displayed over a 3-week period, close to Remembrance Day. Families of the Veterans, who come from far, are gifted with the professionally matted and framed photos following the event.

Head & Hands has been working with marginalized youth for almost fifty years. Their mission is to work with youth to insure their physical and mental well-being. Their approach is preventive, inclusive, non-judgmental and holistic, with a fundamental commitment to providing an environment that welcomes youth without discrimination.

Through funding for a second counsellor, the Barry F. Lorenzetti Foundation is supporting Head & Hands in doubling the amount of youth who receive free long-term talk therapy in both official languages.

HEADSTRONG is a stigma reduction program led by the Mental Health Commission of Canada’s opening Minds Anti-Stigma initiative. The goal is to empower youth to raise awareness about the harmful role of stigma and undertake stigma reduction activities in their own school.

The Barry F. Lorenzetti Foundation is a national sponsor of these summits.