Change of Executive Director

Ms. Susan Dabrowski will be joining our team as Executive Director as of 1 March 2021.

I would like to thank Joelle Sholzberg for all her hard work and the dedication she has shown not only to our family Foundation, but also to all our partner organizations.  We wish Joelle every happiness in her future endeavors.

Katrina Lorenzetti will continue to work alongside Susan, as she did with Joelle, to ensure continuity with our on-going project. Susan can be reached at or at (514) 889-4126. Katrina can be reached at or at (438) 880-1763.

Thank you to the Mental Health Commission of Canada for preparing such a touching video

In March 2020, the entire world experienced something new and scary. A pandemic that confined us to our homes suddenly and changed the way we lived, worked and attended school. Now more than ever, our youth need our help and support. We wanted to continue the theme of introducing you “virtually” to those who are directly impacted by your generous support. HEADSTRONG helps thousands of youth achieve their full potential by being brave, reaching out and speaking up about mental health. Stigma is keeping many people from seeking the help they need when they need it most.

Thank you from the Quebec Veterans foundation

In this pandemic context that limits gatherings, we wanted to introduce you “virtually” to people who, on a daily basis, make a great effort to help our seniors get through this storm that is significantly affecting their mental health. It is a pleasure to introduce Chantal Rozon, a recreationist and recreation coordinator at Ste. Anne’s Hospital. You will realize from this viewing, the importance of your donations and how they have a real impact on the lives of hundreds of vulnerable persons, including our veterans of the Second World War and the Korean War. We thank you for your continued and generous support. We are stronger together always. Thank you to the Quebec Veterans Foundation for preparing such a thoughtful video.