The Barry F. Lorenzetti Foundation is committed to improving mental health care in Canada by bridging the gaps in the current system. We aim to do so by supporting grassroots initiatives, forging long-term national partnerships to escalate our cause and positioning ourselves as a leader in mental health care.

Our Main Areas of Focus

Youth Mental Health

Young people are more likely to experience mental health disorders than any other age group, but are severely underserved when it comes to mental health care.

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Military-Related PTSD

Military-related post-traumatic stress disorder is an area with a large unmet need that is unfortunately continuing to grow as military conflicts persist.

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BFLF is a charitable organization

We envision timely, equitable and stigma-free access to standardized, quality mental health care in Canada.

Help us advance mental health care in Canada by improving access to care and combatting stigma. Let’s make a difference together!



of youth who have sought treatment in the last year say they have been affected by stigma


of young Canadians with mental health problems do not seek help


higher suicide rate for veterans than for the general population


military members are discharged annually

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